Here’s something to write home about: The new Kid Trax USPS Mail Truck!

Kids can role-play as a mail carrier with the new ride-on from Pacific Cycle. The design looks just like a real USPS truck and features working headlights and a horn, just like a real truck does. Kids can play their favorite tunes with the FM radio/MP3 player input while they cruise, making special deliveries to everyone along the way.

The Mail Delivery Truck delivers extra fun with the mailbox and three plastic envelopes that come with it. If space allows, parents can even help kids build a DIY village to which they can bring the mail around for an extra fun imaginative play experience. You only need a sharpie or crafting paint, some cardboard boxes, and strong tape. Start by cutting the flaps off of one cardboard box and placing them aside. Then cut two equally sized rectangular pieces off another box, and tape them diagonally on top of the first one. Next, measure (or guesstimate) the size of the triangular gaps and cut two triangles to fit. Tape them on and voila, a house! To make it extra-special, paint the cardboard houses to look like real homes, or just use the sharpie to outline a door and some windows. Rinse and repeat until the village is complete.

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