Retailers with ‘Cult Appeal’ Let Shoppers Do the Talking

posted in media on 4/30/12

by Jon Springer, Supermarket News While each of these three chains, <Trader Joe’s, Publix, and Wegmans,> operates a distinct store, they have more in common than just devoted fans, observers note. All three emphasize service through engaged employees who are ambassadors of the brand, and all are tightly held corporations that don’t often discuss their business publicly (Trader Joe’s and Wegmans officials declined comment for this story specifically), preferring to let their stores – and their fans – tell their story.


These businesses in fact share characteristics with iconic brands and companies in other industries, said Bill McClinton, senior vice president of licensing for Los Angeles-based Global Icons.

Global Icons Inks Deal with German Automaker and Luxury Swiss Watchmaker

posted in press release on 3/14/12

Los Angeles – March 14, 2012 – Global Icons, the premier global brand licensing agency, specializing in the development and extension of corporate brands and trademarks, announced today that its client, BMW, has partnered with BALL Watch Company to launch an innovative line of BMW branded watches.


Global Icons, supporting BMW’s strategic brand initiatives, was instrumental in securing this engaging partnership between BALL Watch Company and BMW. “While searching for a compatible watch-maker to pair with BMW, we found, in BALL Watch, the essential craftsmanship and expertise necessary to creating an exceptional collection,” says Jeff Lotman, CEO of Global Icons. “Aligning BMW’s superior automotive engineering and visual dynamics with BALL Watch’s accomplished artistry in watch-making, drives the BMW experience into new brand extensions and distribution channels, creating new opportunities for consumers to interact with the global brand.”

Retail Merchandiser Profile: Global Icons

posted in media on 2/1/12

by Erick Slack, Retail Merchandiser When some of the most iconic brands around the world come to you for help, you know you’re doing something special. Since Global Icons was established more than a decade ago as a premier brand-licensing agency, the company’s capabilities in the development and extension of corporate brands and trademarks has helped it grow to include an array of globally known and market-leading clients.


“We’ve determined that we can deliver a different level of service to clients by focusing on fewer deals, but the correct deals that help clients grow in certain key areas,” explains Founder and CEO Jeff Lotman. “Programs must ideally fit with a brand and be more than just a label slap. They must attract the consumers that clients are looking for, benefitting the consumer and the brand.”


Ford and Global Icons Steer Licensing Program Into New Frontiers

posted in press release on 2/8/11

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 8, 2011 – Global Icons, the premier licensing and brand merchandising agency specializing in the development and extension of corporate brands and trademarks, announced today its exclusive worldwide representation agreement with Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader. Global Icons will support Ford’s strategic brand initiatives by increasing brand exposure through engaging product collections worldwide.


Continuing with Ford’s tradition of providing innovative product solutions that are accessible to everyone, Global Icons will lead the way in driving the Ford brand names into new merchandising frontiers. The Global Icons team will seek out licensing partnership opportunities to build branded merchandise collections for the die-hard automotive enthusiast and the everyday consumer looking for quality products.