Global Icons Sharpens Client Roster with Buck Knives

posted in press release on 1/14/13

LOS ANGELES – January 14, 2013 – Global Icons, a premier brand licensing agency, announced today its exclusive worldwide representation agreement with Buck Knives, a leading knife manufacturer.


Global Icons will support Buck’s strategic brand initiatives by increasing brand exposure through engaging product collections worldwide within categories such as outdoor/camping equipment and tools, as well as outdoor apparel and accessories, among others. Consumers will be able to trust that licensed Buck Knives merchandise will echo Buck’s pledge that each product has been thoughtfully designed and engineered, and built to last a lifetime.

Potential Buyers for Hostess Brands: Retailers vs. Food Companies

posted in media on 12/12/12

by Jeff Lotman, ePerspective from Food Technology On November 20, Hostess announced that mediation with its bakers union had failed and that the 82-year-old company would proceed with liquidation plans. The good news is that the company’s iconic brands, such as Twinkies and HoHos, may not be gone for good. There may be multiple buyers of the individual product brands under the Hostess umbrella or there may be a single buyer who acquires them all. But rest assured, they will be sold because they have real market value. Estimates are that the combined sale of Hostess could be worth over $2 billion.

Who’s Got the Money?

posted in media on 12/1/12

by Karolyn Schuster, Rapaport We know where the richest people live and how much they are worth. But are they buying luxury products?


Jeff Lotman, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Global Icons, a brand licensing agency, said his licensees sell “carbon fiber bicycles priced at over $5,000 to young male consumers who don’t even ride them. They hang them on their walls. In what other country would you find young people doing that?” Lotman said the Chinese luxury market is very male focused “but the female entrepreneur is becoming more significant.” Both groups, he said, buy luxury products “because they show the world you’ve made it and showing the world you’ve made it, in turn, makes you feel good.”


Noting the status cachet of branded items, Lotman said “the bigger the logos, the better. In other markets, it might seem ostentatious — almost in your face to us. But in China, they want the product covered in logos.”

Q&A: The Future of Twinkies

posted in media on 11/27/12

Lindsey Jahn, Food Manufacturing – Hostess last week received court approval to liquidate its company, resulting in the termination of 18,500 employees and leaving the future of the company’s iconic brands up in the air. Food Manufacturing spoke with Jeff Lotman about the future of these brands and how the Hostess sale could affect the bakery marketplace.

Drive On: Babies get their first BMW

posted in media on 11/9/12

Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY  Some new BMW customers haven’t even turned 16 yet as in months, not years.

Introducing the BMW baby stroller. It’s not necessarily faster than other strollers, but it’s certainly stylish and nimble. And other babies are sure to watch with envy, even if it’s chauffeur- or mom-driven.


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Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 ad is spoofed on ‘Saturday Night Live’

posted in media on 10/22/12

Tiffany Hsu, Los Angeles Times – Take one part Brad Pitt, sultry superstar. Add a dose of luxury fragrance Chanel No. 5. Mix both delicious components in a commercial shot by Oscar-nominated director Joe Wright. What do you get?


When branding expert and Global Icons founder Jeff Lotman first saw the Pitt video, he said he “thought it was a little lame.”


But the end effect for Chanel will be positive, he said. The parodies give the brand public attention, “which is everything you could really want” as a company, he said.

Lotman: Can Lance Armstrong Restore His Good Name?

posted in media on 10/19/12

by Jeff Lotman, – Last week, the U.S. anti-doping authorities asserted that renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong had not only engaged in illegal doping, but also gave banned performance enhancing substances to his fellow cycling team mates.


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Corporate Political Stands May Lead to Consumer Alienation

posted in media on 9/4/12

Chik-fil-A same-sex marriage fallout offers lessons to industry


Bret Thorn, Nation’s Restaurant News The firestorm that engulfed Chick-fil-A following comments made against same-sex marriage by leader Dan Cathy may have ebbed, but the fallout continues.


More than a month after Cathy, president and chief operating officer of the 1,600-unit quick-service chain, stated to the Baptist Press that he was “guilty as charged” in his support of “traditional marriage,” angry students at the University of Maryland circulated a petition to shut down a campus outpost of the chicken purveyor.