posted in press release on 2/2/17

NEW YORK, NY (January 31, 2017) — Rodale Inc., the global health and wellness content company, today announced that Men’s Health will be partnering with industry-leading agencies Global Icons — to develop brand-licensing programs in China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia — and Asembl Brands of Australia — to develop brand-licensing programs in Australia and New Zealand. Men’s Health has been published in Asian and South Pacific markets since 1997.

How Will President Trump Treat Licensing Entrepreneurs?

posted in media on 1/18/17

Whatever your politics, the forthcoming ascension of Donald Trump to the Oval Office is a momentous event in the world of brand licensing. Few people are as aggressive about slapping their name on products as the Donald—and few are as zealous in protecting their intellectual property as the Trump Organization. Clearly, this is a subject I had to address as I run a brand-licensing agency, and for the past month, my inbox has been piling up with questions about leveraging the Trump brand.


posted in press release on 1/9/17

LOS ANGELES (January 9, 2017) – Leading brand licensing agency Global Icons LLC announces its exclusive worldwide, excluding S Korea, representation agreement with MCA Corporation to license the Magic Chef brand.  Magic Chef revolutionized the cooking landscape with the introduction of the first oven temperature-control device over 100 years ago.  That innovation was the catalyst for the trust that built Magic Chef to the brand that is known for its dependability and everyday convenience.

5 Case Studies to Get Your Client on Board With Retail and Licensing Partnerships

posted in media on 12/1/16

If you’ve seen the headlines lately, you know that this is the worst of times for retailers. Chains from Walgreens to Walmart are downsizing, while others, like Sports Authority and Loehmann’s, are shuttering.

Yet, to paraphrase Charles Dickens, these are also the best of times for retailers — if they know where to look.

If you’re looking to license your brand — if you want to develop genuine partnerships with the world’s leading retailers — then you need to think like a retailer. You need to understand the factors that matter most to their business, and then plan your pitch accordingly.

Few brands have pulled off this balancing act better than Ford. When the company’s beloved Mustang turned 50, Ford teamed up with five of America’s top retailers to create new channels for distribution, and thus new customers. Let’s study how they did it.

The Real Reason It Feels Tragic When Your Favorite Brand ‘Sells Out’

posted in media on 11/23/16

Do you remember when your favorite band “sold out”? That’s the term of disparagement my friends and I used when musicians scored a big record deal and then proceeded to disavow their indie roots. For some, such growth is the measure of success. But to fanboys like me, when a whale ingests a minnow, that’s not a cause for celebration. It’s a sign that the minnow’s glory days are numbered.


posted in press release on 10/12/16

LONDON, UNITED-KINGDOM (August 31, 2016) – industry-leading brand licensing agency, Global Icons, recently announced its new worldwide representation agreement with Nutella, owned by the Italian confectionary manufacturer Ferrero Group.

115 million families consume Nutella every year around the world. It is the world’s number 1 recipe in the packaged food market and the top spender in global advertising in the sweet spread category, with 1 Nutella jar sold every 2 seconds in 200 countries. Nutella aims to extend its values, authenticity, family, nurture & optimism into its range of new, non-food licensed products.

Direct365 Launches an IRONMAN® Collection of Adult and Children’s bicycles in the UK and Ireland

posted in press release on 10/12/16

Direct365 Launches an IRONMAN® Collection of Adult and Children’s bicycles in the UK and Ireland

Direct365 and IRONMAN® have teamed up to launch an exclusive range of recreational sports road bikes and lightweight kids sports hybrids under the iconic IRONMAN brand.

The initial range consists of 14 models that are designed to meet the needs of fitness and recreational riders.  The bikes are made of lightweight alloy frames and modern components, and are ideal for a daily workout, a fast commute, or a casual weekend ride.

The 3 Reasons Why Food Licensing Can Be Your Next Meal Ticket

posted in media on 8/18/16

Good marketers know a secret. They know that if you can license your brand, you can unearth new customers and mint money. They know that licensing is one of the surest, steadiest way to lift profits.  Yet great marketers know a secret that’s even more lucrative. They know that of the myriad industries in the licensing space, food and beverage are the soundest.