Restaurants Build Empires With Brand Licensing

posted in media, news on 6/12/17

How TGI Fridays, California Pizza Kitchen and Dunkin’ Donuts added significant revenue streams

Jane is a mother of three. She’s responsible for grocery shopping in her household. Since it’s Taco Tuesday, her shopping cart practically rolls itself into aisle seven — the Mexican aisle. Unfortunately, her main choices have been the same for years: Old El Paso and Ortego. The food is good, but uninspiring.

On one hand, most restaurant chains may see this situation and ask, “How do we get Jane into our restaurants?” But some chains see this situation and ask, “How do we get our restaurants in front of Jane?”

The smart guys recognize that Jane isn’t coming to them — they need to go to her. They recognize that the supermarket is where Jane spends her time. It’s convenient, her favorite cashier always accepts her coupons and she knows the floor plan by heart.

International Franchise Corp. Signs Delicious Deal with Global Icons for All of Its Treat Brands

posted in press release on 6/6/17

LOS ANGELES (May 17, 2017) — Global Icons, the leading brand licensing agency is pleased to announce its exclusive worldwide representation agreement with International Franchise Corp., a market leader in the frozen dessert space, whose portfolio includes such beloved brands as Yogen Früz®, Swensen’s® Ice Cream, Dreamery® and Pinkberry® (excluding USA).


posted in news, press release on 5/5/17

WASHINGTON.DC/ LOS ANGELES (May 4, 2017) – Industry leading brand licensing agency, Global Icons LLC is proud to announce its exclusive worldwide representation agreement with the historic United States Postal Service®. Global Icons will support USPS’s strategic brand initiatives by increasing brand exposure through engaging product collections worldwide.


Should You Add Brand Licensing To Your Marketing Mix?

posted in news on 3/28/17

If you’re like most chief marketing officers, you know the value of promoting your brand. Social media, public relations, advertising — you know the drill. What you might not know is the value of diversifying your brand.

What does that mean? Is this just another one of those corporate buzzwords that have become a cliché? It’s not, I promise. Put simply, diversifying your brand means creating new ways for customers to find and buy your stuff — and thus for you to make more money.


posted in press release on 2/24/17

LONDON, UK (February 1st 2017) – Industry-leading brand licensing agency, Global Icons LLC, announced today its exclusive worldwide representation agreement with M-Sport, Ford Motor Company’s rally partner and winner of multiple rally and FIA WEC championships.

Vespa Footwear: brand licensing by design

posted in news on 2/11/17

Piaggio is no mainstream licensor, especially on its jewel brand Vespa, a global icon which deserves a careful treatment in product development and partners’ selection. Easy to fall on superficial vintage moods, Vespa branded products must be timeless but contemporary, classy but vibrant, expressive and distinctive.


posted in news, press release on 2/10/17

LONDON, UK (8th February, 2017) – Industry-leading brand licensing agency, Global Icons LLC, announced today its exclusive worldwide representation agreement with Emirates Official Store, the branded merchandising arm of award-winning airline Emirates. The airline has become a major player in the aviation industry, renowned for leading market trends through its superior onboard product.

The Importance Of Common Courtesy In Business Emails

posted in media on 2/2/17

Five years into his career while working for the Detroit Free Press, Frank Bruni was flown in by the Chicago Tribune for an interview. They “put me through a veritable 12 hours of meetings and interviews and writing tests,” Bruni recalled. “Two decades later, I’m still waiting for any word.”

If you’ve ever interviewed for a job or pitched a prospect — or gone on a date — this story is painfully familiar. Your high hopes of landing a job, client or partner are dashed by a silence that’s deafening. In following up, you might as well be talking to yourself. You feel led on and strung along — and rightly so.