our process

leveraging our experience, we assess the brand and market, and strategize the development of big ideas


assess brand elasticity

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  • Financial Performance: We measure the sales generated by the branded products and services
  • Role of Brand: We measure the portion of the decision-to-purchase that is attributable to the brand
  • Brand Strength: We measure brand performance and share of mind – relative to competition
  • Each analysis is then combined to arrive at a single measure of Brand Elasticity.


establish target customers & categories

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  • Customer Profiles: We take note of the unique way customers engage with the brand and they way they buy.
  • Target Categories: We then identify ‘brand-fit’ categories and determine the appropriate brand extension opportunities that align with brand’s core strategy & positioning.


select partners & implement program

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  • Select Partners: We identify & evaluate prospective licensees that will extend the brand in ways that are true, relevant, unique – and most importantly – valuable to the brand’s consumers. Our relationships with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and sub-agents around the world help us deliver top-tier licensees.
  • Implement Program: We oversee and manage all stages of a license opportunity:
    • Contract Negotiation & Admin
    • Creative & Product Development
    • Marketing, PR, and Retail Support
    • Financial Collections & Reporting

to ensure the program is on target with the strategy and expected growth,
we perform a Program Results Evaluation. our litmus is simple: is it authentic? is it engaging?