The Importance Of Common Courtesy In Business Emails

posted in media on 2/2/17

Five years into his career while working for the Detroit Free Press, Frank Bruni was flown in by the Chicago Tribune for an interview. They “put me through a veritable 12 hours of meetings and interviews and writing tests,” Bruni recalled. “Two decades later, I’m still waiting for any word.”

If you’ve ever interviewed for a job or pitched a prospect — or gone on a date — this story is painfully familiar. Your high hopes of landing a job, client or partner are dashed by a silence that’s deafening. In following up, you might as well be talking to yourself. You feel led on and strung along — and rightly so.


posted in press release on 2/2/17

NEW YORK, NY (January 31, 2017) — Rodale Inc., the global health and wellness content company, today announced that Men’s Health will be partnering with industry-leading agencies Global Icons — to develop brand-licensing programs in China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia — and Asembl Brands of Australia — to develop brand-licensing programs in Australia and New Zealand. Men’s Health has been published in Asian and South Pacific markets since 1997.

How Will President Trump Treat Licensing Entrepreneurs?

posted in media on 1/18/17

Whatever your politics, the forthcoming ascension of Donald Trump to the Oval Office is a momentous event in the world of brand licensing. Few people are as aggressive about slapping their name on products as the Donald—and few are as zealous in protecting their intellectual property as the Trump Organization. Clearly, this is a subject I had to address as I run a brand-licensing agency, and for the past month, my inbox has been piling up with questions about leveraging the Trump brand.


posted in press release on 1/9/17

LOS ANGELES (January 9, 2017) – Leading brand licensing agency Global Icons LLC announces its exclusive worldwide, excluding S Korea, representation agreement with MCA Corporation to license the Magic Chef brand.  Magic Chef revolutionized the cooking landscape with the introduction of the first oven temperature-control device over 100 years ago.  That innovation was the catalyst for the trust that built Magic Chef to the brand that is known for its dependability and everyday convenience.