Let go of my BURGER and don’t touch my BACON!

posted in media on 10/29/15

I read the most disturbing news this week. No, it wasn’t about a politician heading the poles or the opening weekend of Star Wars being sold out.  Some group called WHO (World Health Organization) declared that bacon and other processed meats can result in cancer.   In fact, they are categorizing all processed meats in the same class as cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos. I smell an enormous class action lawsuit brewing.

Food manufacturing was my business before I started in the licensing industry over 18 years ago.   Not only did I work in the food industry manufacturing hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and pork sausage for many years; I continued my passion through my licensing career by expanding well-known brands into various food categories  To say I take this personally is an understatement!

This news is certainly disconcerting to me and to the entire meat industry.  They have thrown everything into the same bucket and didn’t provide additional research on all the variations of meat—cured vs. uncured, grass-fed vs. grain fed, etc.  In the meantime, this news spread like wildfire and was the topic of discussion at many dinner tables.  Consumers continue to ask, what will be next?  Now you are taking away my meat, the next thing will be my brussel sprouts.  As you may recall, eggs were on that list too at one time.

So who is this WHO group anyway? Where did they come from? Can we trust their information? I decided I had to take this up a notch by contacting the WHO.  When I called WHOVILLE, I finally got someone to answer my call and she confirmed that THEY put out the data. The THEY  – I asked – it’s always the THEY that gets you in trouble in your life. It’s always the THEY who took something, or THEY ate something or THEY have something you want or can’t have. Basically, THEY are slamming the entire red meat industry by stating THEY are “PROBABLY carcinogenic” without solid evidence.

As we all know, moderation is key with anything in life including eating.  I’m sure eating brussels sprouts every day for the rest of your life wouldn’t be good for you either.  Sorry WHO folks, I will not only continue to buy delicious Oscar Mayer thick cut bacon, Bob Evans yummy pork sausage, and tasty Fatburger hamburgers; I will also cook them with animal lard because it is tasty!

Jeff Lotman

Founder and CEO, Global Icons