10 High-Profile Brand Partnerships That Struck Gold

posted in media on 2/9/16

Strategic partnerships between brands can be a mutually beneficial relationship. Partnering allows established brands to reach new markets, gain greater distribution and dovetail on their partner’s previously established momentum. 2015 saw no shortage of innovative brand partnerships come to fruition.

These top 10 were a win-win for brands and consumers alike:

1. Apple + Hermes

Apple defines its Hermes-branded watch as “the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision and mutual regard.” That boils down nicely to a partnership of two highly esteemed brands, making Apple’s must-have wearable even more covetable with a luxury fashion boost. Given that Apple Watch’s biggest criticism has been its design aesthetics, offering an upscale version with Hermes handmade leather straps and an exclusive watch face ups the cool factor considerably, extending the reach of the Apple Watch from techies to more fashion conscious consumers. Retailing at a significantly higher price point than the regular Apple Watch, this partnership represents a status symbol as much as a beautifully designed and highly functional watch.

2. BMW + Montblanc

It’s only fitting that luxury cars should be packed with upscale luggage, right? With an eye on materials, quality, design and functionality, theBMW Montblanc partnership aims to unite the many sides of contemporary luxury. Montblanc’s line of products are designed to match the BMW 7 Series for everyday driving and extended trips. Luxury partnerships like this one might have a more niche market — those who already drive new BMWs — but that market can afford to match their gear to their wheels, making this feel like an authentic partnership for the design-minded.

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Jeff Lotman

Founder and CEO, Global Icons